My Gear

My Tent

I chose the Alps Moutaneering tent because it struck the right balance between quality and value. It seems to be the best reviewed tent in the $100 price range. It’s light, compact, durable and waterproof. If the weather permits forgo the waterproof shell for some stargazing!  You can buy it here.

Air Mattress

I chose an air mattress cause they get really compact when packed. Takes like ten puffs to inflate. Easy breezy. This is the one I have, it’s good.   You can buy it here.

Travel Towel

This thing is magic. It’s super thin and compact but gets you dry and dries itself super fast. I don’t know how it does it but i like it! You can buy one here.

Trunk Bags

I have two of these. One one my front and one on my rear rack. I really like them, they have several compartments for organizing your stuff and they seem pretty durable. They’ve been through some pretty intense downpours and are almost waterproof (a little damp inside probably due to the bag having zippers). But, overall still a great bag for the price. You can buy them here.


Bike Rack

.Finding a bike rack that fits your bike and panniers can be a frustrating and time consuming endeavor. Thankfully Blackburn has a product to help you avoid this hassle. The bike rack featured below is horizontally and vertically adjustable. It is so flexible it can work as a front or rear rack.  You can buy this conveniently adaptable product here.

My Camera

This is main weapon. It isin’t the best camera in the world but it’s perfect for me. It’s lightweight and straps to your hand for extended use. Has great image stabilization, amazing zoom and is very affordable so I’m not anxious about breaking it. You can get it here.

If you’ve got a bigger camera budget then you might want to check out the Canon G7 which seems to currently be the most popular camera amongst vloggers who love it for it’s portability, ease of use and great image quality. You can get it here.



Water Filter

I love this little thing. It’s easy to use, small, versatile and well priced. If you’re doing any type of adventure travel (away from civilization) get yourself a water filtration system. Don’t die! You can buy the one I have here.

Water Bottle

Do you like drinking cold water when it’s hot? These insulated are Camelback water bottles are great for that! They also squirt and wouldn’t dare budge when sitting in a bike bottle holder. I have three! You can buy them here.