Although my choice to start my bicycle touring journey in the Adirondacks was more due to time and geography it turned out to be a great starting ground.


The Adirondacks boast an intricate and fleshed out network of luxuriously large bike lanes on most major roads going to most prominent destinations.

Although the Adirondacks are definitely not flat they aren’t among the most mountainous areas in the world. This makes them a good training ground for riding in South America which I plan on touring in the near future.

Places to Stay

The Adirondacks are a budget bike tourers paradise. This is because a huge percentage of the area is comprised of state run parks that allow free primitive camping. Primitive camping refers to camping with no services. There are also many campsites (that usually charge around $20 a night with services).

Although if you do not plan on camping this is a different story as there are very few hostels to speak of.


Being a Canadian, starting in the US was a good way to get my feet wet in bicycle touring since I know the language and general culture which provides a comfortable setting for trying something very different.