The month that I spent in Sogamoso was one of my favorite travel experiences that I’ve had. The city is perfectly positioned for hiking and numerous day trips to visit cute little towns inhabited by kind folks.  Although the quantity and quality of things to do around Sogamoso were the main reason I enjoyed my time here, the city itself has a lot to see, do and learn about




The first day trip I did from Sogamoso was to the matriarchal town of Tibasosa. In addition, to enjoying the beauty of the pueblo’s architecture, I got to talk to some of the women that make the town tick





If you’re the type of person who likes to bring something back from your travels you won’t want to miss the short trip to the neighboring Nobsa. This little town claims to be the ruana (cold weather wool poncho) capital of the world




In addition, to meeting and learning about the lives of current people living in Boyaca, I also really enjoyed learning about the impressive civilization of the Muisca people that once ruled these lands



These videos are only a small portion of the videos that I made of my time in Sogamoso and Boyaca. Here’s the playlist of all the videos I got to make while traveling / living here