Tota Lake (or Laguna de Tota) is the biggest lake in Colombia. The size of the lake and the surrounding Andes mountains make it a magical place to visit. But it wasn’t only the esthetics of the place that made it so memorable; it was the kindness of the people here that allowed me to have a day I will never forget



Out of the towns I got to visit, during my whirlwind tour of the Lake, I think Iza was the prettiest. Add that with hot springs and tasty treats and you have a must visit town along the lake




Aquitania is the biggest town along the lake and it has a lot of character to match. It’s also the best place to eat some inexpensive, fresh and tasty Tota Lake Trout





There are quite a few other towns along the lake that are worth visiting. The tiny town of Cuitiva is one that I got the pleasure to peruse






Hitchhiking in Colombia isn’t something that everyone would be willing to do. I made a video entitled is Boyaca Safe? (which was shot in the town of Tota, Boyaca) which explains why I was comfortable having the awesome hitchhiking experience that I had here