I had planned to bike to Sayulita that day. Because I was still feeling the effects of Montezuma’s Revenge I was unable to eat and thus was really tired and elected to stay in San Pancho which was only a few kilometers less than completing the bike ride to Sayulita. I ended staying at a “campsite“ for 130 pesos mainly because I heard that they had a sweat lodge ceremony. I consider myself a sauna and enthusiast but the duration of the ceremony made me tap out due to feeling like I was going to pass out from dehydration. They didn’t appreciate this since pausing the ceremony breaks the call being made to the spirits. This “campsite“ was somewhat akin to a hippy compound with many semi-permanent residers. The people here are pretty chill, good vibes. In case you’re interested, this place is on the right when you’re coming into town.

The next day I found a nearby hostel that had internet and hot water for 200 pesos. This isin’t considered cheap among hostels in Mexico but it was more reasonable than the other hostel that was charging 290 pesos. San Pancho was a great place to relax and let my immune system do it’s thing. San Pancho is much smaller and more relaxed than Sayulita where I ended up busing over because all of the ATMs in San Pancho were out of money. Some locals told me that this year saw a big spike in tourism, so maybe the money dispensing was still on last year’s schedule?

In between working on the blog and videos I would often stroll to the beach passing by or stoping at street food vendors along the way. San Pancho has a nice beach to walk along, and to the end of to see what’s on the other side