Prior to the release of the movie Night of the Iguana (1964) Puerto Vallarta was a sleepy Mexican Oceanside town that was rather secluded and difficult to get to. Today it is one of Mexico’s biggest destinations for foreign tourists. I was astounded by the amount of Canadians we’re here, in fact all of the people residing at my hostel were Canadian. I laterc found out from my Mom and Sister who came to visit, that Puerto Vallarta is currently the furthest Mexican destination a Canadian can fly to directly without a connection.

Thankfully if you leave the beach and/or resort Puerto Vallarta still has some authentic character

Puerto Vallarta has some spectacular beaches with views of the mountains that are like no other. It also has an extensive boardwalk (Malécon) to walk on while you take it all in

But maybe the best place to take a relaxing walk would be Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone (the Old Town)