Mexico is extremely dense with things to see, do and eat. You could visit the country for a whole year using transportation methods faster than a bicycle and still come back for more. For some reason, at this point in time in my journey I was still thinking that I should speed up my traveling in order to visit more of central america before the rain season. This didn’t make sense the rain season isn’t that big of a deal. The day I’m writing this I just rode over 2 hours in the rain and it was a nice break from the sweltering heat. Never rush your travels if you don’t have too. Anyways here’s video of my bus ride to Léon and me getting to my hostel

Although Léon isin’t one of Mexico’s premier tourist destinations it’s Zocalo and Downtown area are definetly worth a day of wondering if you’re in the area (let’s say on your way to the city of Guanajuato)