Bicycling to Guanajuato was a moment where I temporarily wondered : “Why am I doing this on a bicycle?”. To see how I eventually made it to Guanajuato check out the video below


Guanajuato is a cool town. It’s downtown area sits in a valley while the colorful suburbs paint the mountains that surround the city. Because Guanajuato is a college town it definetly has some youthful weirdness. Keep watching till the end of the video below to see one of the best surprises of my journey so far


If you’re looking for somewhere to take that special someone, or just somewhere calm, serene and beautiful to just relax, I can’t think of anywhere better than Guanajuato’s Ex Hacienda de Las Rosas


When I was in Léon someone recommended riding Guanajuato’s Ruta Panoramica to see amazing views of the city from all angles. Sold