After an awesome week in Puebla it was time to move on to the legendary Mexican State of Oaxaca. Where the mountains weren’t always kind but the people definitely were


Here’s the full video of Old Tehuacan (Ndachjian) in where I provide more details as to how these people lived


The closer I got to Oaxaca the ride became more and more majestic


Oaxaca is the biggest city in the state of the same name. It’s the cultural and political centre of the state. It’s also a very touristed destination thanks in part to it’s colonial architecture which featured buildings made of volcanic stone


The Templo de Santo Domingo is probably the city’s most iconic structure. Today it also houses an interesting museum that I got the chance to check out


Oaxaca is also known for it’s unique culinary experiences. I decided to investigate the source of this by checking out the city’s lively markets with unique food items that I hadn’t seen anywhere else