I knew the ride to San Cristóbal was going to be beautiful, but it also came with some surprises that probably made it the most enjoyable day of bicycling so far

When talking to other travelers in Mexico, San Cristóbal came up time and time again as a favorite. This knowledge combined with the fact that I wanted to end Mexico with a bang led me to look for the city’s best party hostel. I found it. The Puerta Vieja hostel (located downtown) had, among other things, a bar with happy hours that often consisted of free drinks. Unfortunately, I didn’t film much of the debauchery. Thanks to a daily napping regiment I managed to actually get out and explore the city I had heard so much about


The pedestrian streets of San Cris. are a great scenic place for a stroll. But personally, I prefer walking through the lively markets mostly run by indigenous Chiapans


A few of my party comrades had recommended a visit to the Orchid Garden. After having consumed one too many drinks the night before, this seemed like a nice’ n’ easy, relaxing activity


I stayed a week in San Cristóbal. I had decided this in advance since I wanted to swap a few things on my bike (chain, cassette, break pads) and reflect on the amazing 4 and a half months I had just spent in Mexico. This resulted in me making 4 videos and written blogs (the next 4 to be released) wrapping up my experience and offering information and advice to people considering Mexico as a travel destination.