I usually try to not get too excited about upcoming locations since this is a recipe for underwhelment (not a real word but this is my blog try and stop me!). I had seen videos of a place that didn’t look real. I was excited to get there


San Pedro is the main destination and party central for backpackers heading to Lake Atitlán. Even though I wasn’t in a party mood (I still had some lingering stomach discomfort that began before Xela), I still wanted to see where the action was at


If you’re your looking for a more indigenous experience in Lake Atitlán, the low key town of San Juan might be worth a visit. Especially if you’re into making hand made crafts as the locals will show you how it’s made


I couldn’t leave the majestic Lake Atitlán without knowing I had seen what could be seen. This thought plus the availability of a cheap kayak rental made for an easy decision