The same things that made riding into Lake Atitlan a jaw dropping experience (mountains and volcanos) were going to make departing from this massive crater lake a bit of an endeavor. But I wasn’t in a hurry, there was no shame in taking two days to bicycle to Antigua. Or so I thought, until I received a message the night before leaving



After surviving what was probably the most brutal day of cycling so far, it was time to join my friend Veronica to hike Volcan Acatenango. But I wasn’t lamenting these back to back physical escapades since how often do you get to watch a volcano erupt from the closest (safest?) distance possible



After yesterday’s high (3,976 m or 13,045 ft) how could strolling on even ground through a city keep me stimulated ? With interesting history and amazing architecture !



One could thoroughly enjoy marvelling at Antigua’s crumbling buildings and monuments without ever reading a word about what they’re looking at. But I wanted to dive a bit deeper. I’m glad I took the plunge