El Salvador charmed me. The people I had met along the Ruta de Flores were so warm and joyful and the vegetation was richer and more beautiful than anything I had seen thus far on my trip. But yet I was willing to get away from it all  to see what life was like in a Salvadoran city



After having settled into my digs at Casa Blanca Tu Casa (an awesome guesthouse where I paid 9$ per night including a real breakfast and the kindest host you could ever ask for) it was time to really experience my first city in El Salvador



Tazumal is touted as being the best archaeological site in El Salvador. Since it was only about 20KMs away, I unloaded my bike and off I went. When I arrived in the town of Chalchuapa I was surprised to find out that there was another ruin site here. I learned a lot and I had a great day