After a stressful entry into Nicaragua I was relieved to find out that the northern part of the country was pretty calm. But it wasn’t time for my adrenaline to wear off since I was now heading to my first city where there had been riots related to the country’s current civil unrest



I really enjoyed my previous guided hikes in Central America. But after completing them I felt like they could have been even more exciting if I had done them on my own. From what I was reading Volcan Telica was not so straightforward of a challenge to do on your own but the call for adventure was too strong



My first evening in Léon was a very novel experience for me. Despite being a sizable city, there was no one in the streets and one could see remains from previous makeshift roadblocks that were put in place as a form of protest. Thankfully, when the morning’s light returned, so did the people. But it seemed like I was the only tourist in town