With only 2 years spitting, Lil Baby is a baby in the rap game. Despite his lack of experience he’s one of the hottest rappers out right now. When Lil Baby first started bubbling I listened to a few songs and really could not see what the hype was about. To me he sounded like a Young Thug light. For those with a taste for the bland. But the Lil Baby chatter was incessant. So when he dropped his previous project Harder than Ever I decided to give it another go. And after deleting a few tracks I liked the project.

And with his profile at it’s highest Lil Baby drops his new album Street Gossip. Nowadays everything is called an album because most music ends up on streaming platforms where it’s monetized. Despite this project having some notable features, if this project would have come out 5 years ago it would be a free mixtape on Datpiff. Even though this would have been a great opportunity to do so, this project won’t be changing anyone’s mind regarding Lil Baby.

This project feels like Lil Baby has figured out what works for him and decided he’ll do exactly that until an album is done. I’ve kind of felt the same way about the recent solo releases from Quavo and Takeoff (from the Migos) who are Lil Baby’s label mates on Quality Control. It makes me wonder if they we’re given a deadline and ”grinded” to get their albums done on time.

To be clear, I don’t think Lil Baby makes bad music. In fact, I quiet enjoy the instrumentals and Lil Baby’s flow (singular). Although there were some clunky moments were he had more words than he could fit in the bar without losing his flow. Another thing that made me feel this project was either rushed or just a lazy effort.

This album does make for pretty good background music but isn’t satisfying to focus on for long periods of time due to the redundancy of the flow and lyrics. If Lil Baby’s sound and/or content was special I wouldn’t mind if his album was similar throughout but it’s not. To me this feels like your average Atlanta trap rap (which there is an endless amount of).

All that to say if you’re a Lil Baby fan ravenous for more of his music, you’ll probably enjoy this project. I just hope this doesn’t become the copy past template for his next releases.

This was my second rap review. I would appreciate your feedback as to what you thought about the review and/or let us know what you thought about the album. For spam reasons I have disabled the comments on my website but you can comment by clicking on the video version of the review below