Athough the country of Panama has interesting places to visit such as its two coasts and the highlands of Boquete, I wasn’t getting the impression that these places would be all that different than what I had seen bicycling through Central America. But there was one place that stuck out as being unique. Panama City. Time to B line




Although Panama City’s Modernity is what attracts a lot of people to visit or live here, it’s interesting history shouldn’t be overlooked



One of the reasons Panama City is so awesome is that it’s surrounded by jungle which features amazing flora and fauna. Join me as I hike through Metropolitano Park to see the best views of the city



The Panama Canal is not only the reason Panama City exists. It’s a huge contributor to the country’s economy and one of the engineering marvels of the world






Panama is a city of contrasts. It’s immediately evident that for a Central American city Panama has a lot of wealth. But if you spend enough time exploring the city you’ll notice it also has a lot of poverty. Because of the pace at which I normally travel, economic disparity isn’t something I typically dive into in my videos. But since I was going to be here nearly 3 weeks, waiting for my flight to Cartagena, I decided to try my hand at a mini doc taking a look at the different sides of Panama City