I knew getting to Medellin from Bogota was going to be challenging. But I didn’t think this is how I would be challenged





Medellin used to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Today Medellin is a hot spot attracting many to come live in this exciting, beautiful and forward thinking city





Maybe the best example of Medellin’s transformation is the Comuna 13 Neighborhood. Comuna 13 was once devoid of law enforcement and the primary recruitment area for the Medellin Cartel. Today it’s a lovely place where the people are kind and beautiful art can be found everywhere






Medellin’s sits in a valley surrounded by massive Andean mountains. Since most of the poorer people of the city live in the mountains, this used to somewhat separate them from the action going on in the city center. But thanks to Medellin’s amazing transit system, that combines metro and cable car lines, the city is now united. Also the transit system is the best way to see this beautiful city and access Parque Arvi which sits above Medellin





While I was in Medellin I heard of the town of Guatapé. Which was supposed to be cutely decorated and home to a strange rock. Time for a day trip