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Out of the countries I have visited so far, on my bicycle tour from Canada to Argentina, Colombia is the country with the biggest cycling culture. This means there’s a much better variety of available bicycle parts and lots of people cheering for you if you decide to bicycle through this beautiful country.

Colombia’s bicycle culture is more tilted towards the sporting aspect of bicycling than other countries that have a bicycling culture like the Netherlands. This is because, for the most part riding long distances here is very difficult.

There are some mostly flat stretches (like Cartagena to RioHacha & RioHacha to Valledupar) but these were some of my least favorite rides in the country. My favorite spots, where I found Colombia to be the most beautiful, was in or next to the Andean Mountains. These were tough days but they were worth it. So if long days of climbing rewarded by stunning views sound like your cup of tea Colombia is probably cycling destination you will really enjoy. The roads are smooth, everything is cheap and the people are great.

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Happy travels!