Colombia and Ecuador are great countries. But from what I had heard from Peru my anticipation was higher than it had previously been in South America. My intro to Peru, the Chachapoyas Cloud Region, did not disappoint. Things are bigger and more mystical in Northern Peru




The steep, rocky and flooded road to San Carlos wasn’t the easiest detour for a cyclist on road tires. But the alternative was passing up the chance to get my feet wet in the amazon and see one of the world’s biggest waterfalls. Not a chance





The Chachapoya people predate the Inca empire and lived in a non hierarchical society. Kuelap was there capital. If you can make it to this part of the world, this is a must see. If not you can watch the video below





This segment in the journey ends in the elegant city of Cajamarca. This is where one of, if not the most important event in Peru’s history happened