Central (Anatolian) Turkey was snowy with a side of windy. It was a relief when I summited that final mountain that brought me into the country’s Black Sea Region. Things went from freezing to mid 20s (celsius). With the warmer weather came the greenery of this coastal yet mountainous area. The people were warm as well



Sinop was the first town I arrived in along the coast. At first glance it’s a sleepy sea town. But there’s more than meets the eye



Thanks to the winter cycling done in the rest of the country, it was time for some much needed bicycle repairs and maintenance. To my surprise, I found a competent bike mechanic (from what I could tell without speaking Turkish) in the small town of Inebolu. Since the parts had to be shipped here from Istanbul, I got to really soak in this cozy yet important coastal town



Amasra is a postcard worthy, picturesque town along the coast. But it also appeals to history buffs given the remaining layers of former civilizations that can be found here