Despite the fact that Turkey had little to no cases of this new Coronavirus, it seemed like everyone was talking about it. Even though I don’t speak Turkish, I would hear the name of the virus mentioned in conversations between men over tea and on CNN Turkey in restaurants. Given that I had already been in Turkey 2 & a half months (out of my allowed 3) I figured it might be a good idea to take the fast track to my next country in case of border restrictions



Yambol isn’t the most beautiful city in the world. But as the former headquarters of the Bulgarian Empire’s army it was definitely worth visiting




I was anticipating some temporary border restrictions due to the virus. But being imprisoned in a hostel for a minimum of 2 weeks, that’s not something I imagined was in the realm of possibility. It was soon after police forced me to sign mandatory quarantine papers that I knew my trip was over. What if I were to be forced into quarantine again in my next accommodation? Travel no longer provided the sense of freedom that made me choose this lifestyle. It was time to go home. The only problem was that the availability of flights leaving Bulgaria was getting slimer by the day and I had to stay put in my hostel or face jail time in a Bulgarian prison. Was I going to be stuck in Bulgaria for months? A year? Or would I successfully escape?