It was time for another adventure. International travel restrictions simplified the process of choosing where. Mexico! Not only because it was open with little to no restrictions but also because Mexico, my first Latin American country (3 years ago), has a special place in my heart. Part of this is because of the awesome people of Mexico. In preparation for this trip I’ve been brushing up on my Spanish and vowed to capture on video the warmth of the Mexican people like I hadn’t done previsouly.

This time I would be experiencing Eastern Mexico, the half I didn’t see my first time through the country


Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Having been mostly at home and work for the last 8 months, getting back into traveling felt very new and exciting again. Walking through some of Xalapa’s busiest streets was very stimulating



One of the reasons I chose to come to Xalapa first, was because of the easy access to natural settings that were unique to this part of Mexico



The city of Xalapa, where jalapeno peppers originate from, itself is also a unique place worth visiting




I had heard mixed reports regarding Xalapa’s safety. Thankfully locals were eager to give me updates about this




Given that I was no longer travelling with a bicycle I was planning to spend more time in different cities. This meant it could potentially be worthwhile to develop a romantic relationship. Here’s the story of my first ever Tinder date