For being the closest beach town to Mexico city Veracruz is not often mentioned as being a spot for fun in the sun



I am no beach connoisseur, but I’ve heard that the reason that Veracruz doesn’t rank high among Mexican Beach cities is that the beaches themselves are polluted and leave to be desired in general. Nevertheless, Puerto Veracruz still has a lot to offer visitors. This is the place where Spaniards first embarked into Mexico




Because of it’s coastal location I was kinda shocked to find out that my hotel room was only 160 pesos (8 USDs). That’s because Puerto Veracruz doesn’t attract many international tourists. At the end of the last video you might have seen the women working the food stand near my hotel asking for my picture because I am a foreigner. Veracruz is a very authentic place and it’s outdoor markets are as authentic as it gets



If you’re looking for Veracruz’s glamorous beach experience Boca del Rio (“New Veracruz“ as it’s called by some) is the place for you. This municipality, located about 10 minutes south of downtown Puerto Veracruz has nicer beaches, shopping and luxury hotels.  But you’ll have a hard time finding a room for 160 pesos