Campeche was the first place I was planning to spend a few months in, trying a new slower paced, more immersive style of travel. What I had read of the Campeche made me imagine a fairly quaint, well preserved town. When I arrived I can’t say I had the best first impression when I was greeted by malls and american fast food chains



The more time I spent in Campeche the more I got to realize that a lot of people still lived a more traditional Mexican life. One of the biggest professions and exports in Campeche being fishing. But with the modernization of this industry and the export of fish across the globe I wondered if this practice was sustainable



Despite having a beautiful picturesque historical center, I think I enjoyed myself more outside of the city of Campeche. The state has countless remnants of the ancient civilization that once ruled here



One of the reasons I came to Campeche was that it was allegedly one of the cheapest cities in Mexico. Naturally, this meant that many people here did not have a lot to live with. But not all were barely getting by